UK’s Finest Hair Loss Treatment Product That Delivers You Results in an Unconventional Way

If you are in the UK and you search on Google ( for “hair loss treatment products”, you would pull up over 9,500,000 search results for that keyword, and a lot of different products horizontally lined up on top results paying for ads to get their products to be placed before interested internet users. With prices ranging from £8.50 to £299.00, you can never be too sure which one to pick and if (bottom line) they would work on you.

What consumers, like you, must be aware of is the different science behind each of these products. And in order to select the right product, you need to know how you end up losing hair like the rest of the 5 out of 10 men in the UK.

The DHT Theory: Too much of DHT in the scalp is not good

So, can we stop it?

Again, 5 out of 10 men in the UK are affected with this, especially those who have reached their golden years or 50 years old. Studies show that this happens as early as a man enters his adulthood and is, surprisingly, a match for the decade of his years! This means that 2 out 10 men are losing hair in their 20’s, 3 out of 10 men are losing hair in their 30’s and so on.

Now let us get into the scientific and biological area of this topic. In discussing pattern hair loss or what is commonly called by experts as Androgenic Alopecia, there are several terminologies we will encounter like Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, Insulin-growth factor or IGF, follicle stimulating hormone or FSH, and testosterone.

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – DHT is an androgen (male sex hormone) that provides males their male characteristics. While is beneficial for giving men our manly features, DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize, and contribute to male pattern hair loss.
  • Insulin-Growth Factor (IGF) – stimulates dormant hair follicles, correcting hair loss and encouraging hair growth, however, presence and increase of DHT in the scalp affect IGF.
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) – is another sex hormone that can be affected by DHT and miniaturizes hair follicles in the scalp.
  • Testosterone – DHT, as described above comes from testosterone made from 5a reductase enzyme. Men with levels of testosterone have higher chances of baldness due to the higher level of DHT that can be made and affect hair follicles.

There are two common ways of treating male pattern baldness where millions of products have been born from: (1) reduce DHT in the scalp or (2) stimulate hair growth in the hair follicles.

Upon knowing this, we now know that in order to reduce hair loss, DHT has to be blocked or reduced as well. There a number of hair loss treatment products on the market, which work either by decreasing the DHT level or by stimulating hair growth. By far, combining these two approaches has, by far, proven effective for many. Lipogaine produces a comprehensive and holistic approach by making sure that there are no stones left unturned in re-growing your hair.