Lipogaine for Men (Sensitive)


Works as efficiently as our best selling Lipogaine for Men (Red Package). Perfectly crafted to make it more suitable for those who have sensitive scalp.



Maximum Hair growth stimulating strength:

Clincal Proven growth stimulator (5% Minoxidil) with Biotinyl-tripeptide, Niacin, apple polyphenol to stimulate hair growth.

Proven and Time Tested Formula:

A proprietary herb blend of DHT blocker such as Azetinol, saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol, oleic acid, linolenic acid that inhibit 5-reductase (both alpha and beta).

Itchy Free:

If you are allergic to any other regular liquid minoxidil, this product is for you. This product is free of the ingredients that cause scalp irritation in 98% of people.

Fast Dry & Non Greasy:

Dries 10 times faster than regular liquid minoxidil.It dries even faster than minoxidil foam. Super Clean, easy to use, non greasy, non messy Formula.

Works for the Entire Scalp:

Can be used for frontal receding hairline and vortex hair loss.

Best Minoxidil Guaranteed:

When we say it is the best minoxidil, we really mean it with our 25 years of fomulating minoxidil product. We will refund you every penny you pay us if you think this is not the best minoxidil you ever used;

Additional information


If you are allergic to regular Lipogaine for men, you can try this product.

Recently launched in response to the requests from some of our customers.

Water, glycerin, ethanol, 5% Minoxidil, DHT blocker proprietary blend with Azetinol(TM), saw palmetto, fatty acids, beta-sitosterol, oleic acid, gamma & linolenic acid, biotin, polyphenol, niacin, biotiny-tripeptide, vitamin B6 a


1. To open container: open the bottle by twisting the cap counter clockwise.

2. Peel off the sealer.

3. Within the hair thinning area, part the hair into one or more rows to maximize scalp exposure.

4. Using the included dropper, apply up to 1 ml of Lipogaine For Men (Sensitive) to your scalp in the hair loss area. Apply twice a day with at least 8 hours between the two applications.

5. Use no more than 1 ml each time. You only need to use enough to cover your balding/thinning area with a thin film of the solution. No massage is needed. You can use your finger tip or the tip of the dropper (included) to spread the solution. Try your best to apply the solution directly to your scalp by parting your hair. Otherwise you will end up with wasting the product on your hair and it takes a long time to dry.

6. Store the product at controlled room temperature 10° C to 35° C (50° F to 95° F). Keep out of reach of children.