A Modern Way of Reducing Hair Loss in the UK

What is hair loss? Who is mostly affected with hair loss?

In UK alone, there’s approximately 4 out of 10 men ages 40 and up affected with hair problem. Let us find out more about it and understand its causes, and how this modern way of reducing hair loss can help men in UK.

How losing hair have affected men in UK

Hair loss can be humiliating for most people especially those in a relationship (or working out one). This case is usually true for men. Receding hair lines for men can be a major turn off when seeking a female partner. Men would find it difficult impressing girls by their looks which usually end up with frustration and lack of interest to socialize.

In men, 30% of those in ages 30 to 39 years old will start noticing baldness in the top of their head. By age 50, 5 out of 10 male would have suffered losing a dominant portion of their hair.

What happens on the scalp that’s causing hair loss

Hair loss in men is mostly caused by high DHT or Dihydrotestosterone levels in their scalps. High levels of DHT affect another player in the hair-growth scene called IGF or insulin-like growth factor. This is commonly observed among men on their adulthood. High DHT level is good, however, from birth until before adulthood which manages sebaceous glands, hair growth around sweat glands, and libido. This is commonly known among experts as the “DHT Theory”.

While anyone would normally think that reducing DHT among men in their adulthood can aid the situation, and while there are a number of products out in the market that does that, still there are people who resort to hair transplant which is costly but effective.

Another approach that companies explore and turn into products are those applied topically like Minoxidil. This lotion-like solution helps the blood flow to the hair follicles and increasing follicular size and hair shaft diameter, stimulating and prolonging hair growth.

And then again, not all have achieved hair-growth the way they expected using topical solutions.

A modern way of re-growing thinning and receding hair lines

What if these two approaches are explored? Yes, as a matter of fact, a modern approach to re-growing hair that it lost. By reducing DHT levels and stimulating hair growth, the chances of eliminating factors that cause hair loss in increase and more men can rely on this solution.

Lipogaine is a mix of hair growth stimulating components such as Minoxidil, Biotinyl-tripeptide, Niacin, and Apple polyphenol. While stimulating hair growth, it also brings in a powerful component that prevents the increase of DHT levels from proprietary herb blend of DHT blocker with Azetinol, saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol, oleic acid, linolenic acid that inhibit 5-reductase (both alpha and beta).