About Me

Hi my name is Niro and here is my hair loss story. I took my hair for granted my whole life till I was 21, hair loss was something that didn’t really cross my mind. Me and my friends had conversations such as I really hope I don’t get hair loss but I didn’t think it would actually happen to me. In my third year at Uni whilst having a shower and washing my hair I saw hairs in my fingers and saw hairs going to the drain, my heart dropped when this happened but I was in denial. I thought it was nothing and that it was just normal. Then it happened again and again so I stopped washing my hair in the shower. I thought this was the reason but deep down I knew but I didn’t want to accept it. My breaking point was when my girlfriend at that time ran her fingers through my hair said ‘it feels bald here’ I felt like my heart had been stabbed. I didn’t say anything, I was just speechless. When I went home that day I felt a rollercoaster of emotions, I felt self conscious on the train home, I felt like people were looking at my head, I felt upset that this happened and I felt worried what if I go bald.

When I got home I went straight to my laptop and spent hours looking for treatments. From the countless options I initially bought Ervamatin and tried it for 6 months. My hair grew a little but it was just a little and that was it, my hair still remained thin. Then I tried Zenagen shampoo for 3 months but it had no effect at all. This all made me depressed. I was cutting class, broke up with my girlfriend because I was unhappy and I didn’t want to give her that energy and I felt chained to my bed. I decided to use my student loan to buy a hair transplant, I told my friend Johnny this and he cursed me out on the phone. He told me to wait and said that his brother in law tried a product that worked for him and that he would pass me the details. The product he told me was lipogaine, I did no research on the product and thought the name sounded stupid but decided to try it just to appease my friend so I ordered it online. Within two weeks I saw my hairs growing, I was confused, I had lost hope in all hair loss products but this one gave me something within two weeks. After 1 month my hair grew even more and my life felt better because I had hope. Fast forward to 6 months my full hair was back to being thick and I felt revitalized and jubilant. I was out of my nightmare. Initially I would go on forums and tell friends that suffer from hair loss to try lipogaine because I really believed in this product. When the product produced results for my friend Ak I loved lipogaine even more and this passion translated into www.lipogaine.co.uk. I really want to help anyone that’s suffering from hair loss because I know the pain. If you have any questions I’m always online on the chat bar and if I’m not online mail me at info@lipogaine.co.uk thanks.